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It’s that time of year again, and Burners will soon be congregating en masse to participate in their favorite Burning Man events. And most won’t come empty-handed. There’ll have camping gear, costumes and other paraphernalia in tow.  Using reliable Burning Man storage units, in proximity to the event, makes great sense to put away all those belongings.

Park at Sparks – it makes sense!

Sparks NV, which is just 1.5 kilometers away from where all the burning action takes place, is the ideal place for Burners to park their gear and other accessories before or after the big event. Making Burning Man storage arrangements this close to the main event makes great sense:

  • If you are a first-time participant, it would give you great deal of inconvenience to lug your belongings all over the temporary city until you “find your place”. Knowing you’ve found reliable Burning Man storage space nearby for your possessions will be a great stress-reliever. Roll into the venue. Scout the place for a while. And once you know where you are bound, zip into Sparks and get your possessions well in time for all the events!
  • As an organizer, you know what it means to have to deal with last minute changes to well laid plans – “stuff happens!”. Why get burned and left scrambling to get materials, costumes and supplies flown (or trucked) from miles away, when Sparks NV offers convenient Burning Man storage opportunities – less than two kilometers away? With all your gear stored nearby, you can change plans at the drop of a hat!
  • If you are travelling in with friends and family in an RV or camper, you’ll likely want to get in a few days ahead of all the festivities. Rather than zip through the camp sites and tent villages with your valuables and possessions, make use of Burning Man storage available at nearby Sparks NV. You’ll then be able to explore the site and take in the ambiance with complete peace of mind!
  • If you are running a camp site, and have brought along expensive costumes, art, jewelry and camp theme-related toys for the occasion, why risk hanging on to them in your motel room or inside your camp. Safe and secure Burning Man storage at Sparks offers you the best protection for all your event needs.


Housing your Burning Man possessions!

Sparks NV is a natural place to house your Burning Man gear and other possessions. But it also makes sense to use Burning Man storage units in Sparks for housing all those items for the longer-term. Why haul, truck or fly everything to and from your home base each year, when you know you’ll be doing the same thing again next year?

The cost of packing, shipping and unloading some of that gear could be astronomical when added year after year. And then, there’s the risk and stress of damage and loss. As you handle some of the delicate items, like costumes and art work, each year, getting them ready for the long trek, you increase the risk of irreparable damage to them.

Housing them in nearby Sparks, using safe and accessible Burning Man storage units, means you can travel light each year, knowing your prized possessions are waiting for you – in mint condition!


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