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At times, your Sparks NV home or apartment might seem too small for your family and all your belongings. Instinctively, the solution might seem to be to move to a larger home. But with innovative and affordable Sparks NV storage solutions available, perhaps you really don’t need to make that “Big Move” after all. Instead, why not make the “Smarter Move”?

Read on to learn how!

Making the smarter move

Moving house in order to find more storage room isn’t the best move. With home (and rental) prices sky high these days, the smarter move would be to consider renting temporary Sparks NV storage units.  However, for that strategy to work, you need to start your search with a plan in mind.

Here’s how you can choose the ideal Sparks NV storage place that’s right for your needs:

  • Take stock: We don’t access or use everything we have in our homes every day. Some items are not touched for years, and might make great candidates for off-site storage. The first thing to do, therefore, is to make a list of all your “storable” items. That single act could potentially set you up for freeing a lot of “livable” space
  • Measure: Before renting a Sparks NV storage unit, you need to know how much storage space you need. The way to do that is to measure all the prospective candidates for storage. Here are some tips to minimize space requirements:
  • Putting multiple items into a single box or crate will help reduce the overall amount of space needed. That’ll also make it cost effective – you’ll need less space at a Sparks NV storage facility
  • Place bed linen and other rough use clothing in vacuum storage bags. These plastic bags use a home vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of the bag, once you place items into them, and compress the package. Typically, you’ll reduce the bulk of the original package by a factor of two or three. The result: You’ll cut down on storage space requirements!
  • Where possible, stack boxes and packages one on top of another when estimating storage space. Loosely piled storage items will require more space in a Sparks NV storage unit than items that you stack to maximize space usage
  • Assess your storage needs: Sparks NV storage units come in various types – Standard Accessible storage, climate Controlled units, Drive-up storage. Before settling on a unit, assess the type of things you will store there. For instance, a Standard Accessible unit is great for storing extra kitchen utensils and surplus patio furniture. However, high-end electronics, computers and entertainment center units would should best be stored in a climate-controlled Sparks NV storage
  • Inspect: Before hauling your possessions for storage, you should make several trips to the site during various parts of the day, especially if you are paying for 24×7 accessibility. While the overwhelming majority of Sparks NV storage installations are well-run and maintained, multiple inspections will help you confirm that fact. Making several visits will also mean you’ll get the opportunity to meet – and interact with – staff from multiple shifts.

Stress-free storage

The smarter solution to moving home just to gain more storage space is to look for professionally-manages Sparks NV storage units for those extra items. Rather than paying for a larger home, bigger mortgage, and (avoidable!) moving costs, a rental storage unit will deliver stress-free storage at an affordable cost.

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