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And when it comes to choosing a lifestyle, there’s a lot to be said about the get-up-and-go – and always remain on the go! – aspect of living that we see in major U.S. cities and towns. There’s an element of hustle and bustle everywhere in big population centers that makes it feel as though people aren’t really “living” – they’re just “surviving” to make it to the next day.

Well, it seems as though many American’s are having second thoughts about Big City life. And as they look to move away from large cities and metropolitan areas, they’ll find mini storage service providers a great partner in helping them move into suburbs like Sparks, in Reno NV.

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The polls are in

Numbers don’t lie!  According to research conducted by one of America’s most reputable companies, Pew Research Center[i], there’s a growing interest across the country for suburban life.

The report, published last year, explores demographic and economic trends among various populations – urban, suburban and rural – across the nation. And one particular section of the research stands out boldly:

“Suburbs growing more rapidly than rural or urban areas”

According to the authors of the research, there are over 175 million people living in Suburban centers across America, while just 46 million and 98 million respectively call rural and urban counties their home. Since the late 1990s/early 2000s, suburban population has grown by over 16% compared to just  8% in rural and 13% in urban areas.

So, what do these demographic changes tell us? Well, they are an underlying indication that more Americans are gravitating towards suburban counties. There might be many factors that prompt this growing migration towards well-established suburbs, but clearly economic imperatives and the quality of life must factor into any decision to relocate.

city of sparks nevada

Sparking an interest

It’s no wonder then that suburbs like Sparks – in Reno NV, have been sparking serious interest among prospective individuals and families that are looking to embrace the suburban way of life. And it’s not without reason either. As Reno, which was (and continues to be!) a world-renowned center for gambling and entertainment, reinvents itself, many of its suburbs are reaping the benefit. And Sparks, which was officially incorporated in 1905[ii], is one of the major beneficiaries of this pivot beyond casinos and gaming.

Nestling at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and in the southwest of Pyramid Lake, the city has easy access to the rest of the state and country through Interstate 80. Sparks isn’t “huge” by any stretch of the imagination – just 35.81 square miles of territory. But that’s what makes it such an attraction for businesses, individuals and families contemplating a move.

With an estimated population of roughly 92,000, Sparks is small enough to foster a sense of community and serene living, yet large enough to be self-contained with all the amenities needed for a great standard of living. And for those of you that are considering making the move, Sparks also offers a range of mini storage facilities to help you during the transition.

And if you are looking to get away from the snow, the sleet and the cloudy weather – Sparks’ got you covered there too! The high-desert climate of this Reno suburb guarantees you’ll have sunshine for 80% (290 days) of the year. Now, what more can you ask for? But Sparks does, in fact, offer more…much more.

If families and businesses need more reason to consider moving to Sparks, here are some more numbers to mull over:

The city also has other amenities that makes it an ideal first-choice for would-be movers:

  • 92,300 trees and over 150 square miles of city-maintained turf
  • 21,500,000 square feet of residential dwellings
  • 21,628,041 square feet of office and commercial buildings
  • 1,289,390 square feet of hotels and motels

The city of Sparks has established a clear vision statement for itself. It aspires to:

“Be the city of choice for residents, businesses and visitors”

Whether you are someone who wishes to escape from the rat race of a big city, an entrepreneur who wishes to gain a competitive advantage over your peers, an individual or group that travels across the country to put on shows, events and festivals, or a tourist out to sample the best of American suburbia has to offer, Sparks has something for everyone.

Affordable living for residents made easier

People looking to make the switch from larger cities and towns across America are also concerned about the standards and the cost of living. Clearly, if you are considering making that big move, you don’t want it to be to a place that’s more expensive than your current location. Nor do you want to call home a place that has a lower standard of living than what you are used to experiencing.

And Sparks has you covered there too! The overall cost of living[iii] for Sparks is lower – 2.5% lower – than the broader Reno region.


Prospective homeowners in Sparks will be especially thrilled to see that homeownership in this suburb is 8% cheaper than the broader Reno area. In fact, many key indicators of the Sparks economy, that individuals and family’s value when making stay or leave decisions, bode well for a decision to move into Sparks. Some of those indicators, like Utilities and Health Care, and even Miscellaneous items like clothing, restaurants and entertainment, rank better than the overall national economy. And that means Sparks ranks better than the entire country on those counts!

With so much to offer in such a “small package” (35.81 sq-miles), there’s more of the good things to go around for everyone that wishes to call Sparks their new home. If it’s a high quality, affordable lifestyle that you are looking for, then Sparks is where you’ll find it.

Economic boom-town for businesses

Businesses considering a move to expand their operations, or new ventures looking to start-up their operations will also find that Sparks has lots to offer. For one, the move will be smooth and stress free, because there’s a thriving ecosystem of temporary and long-term storage facilities in Sparks and nearby. So, whether it’s mini storage or other types of storage units you are looking for, to store inventory, supplies and equipment – Sparks has you covered.

But a thriving economy is also what’s attracting more businesses to this expanding Suburb of Reno, NV.  For employers and employees looking to do business in Sparks or call it their new home, this Reno city has lots to offer[iv]:

  • Industrial and commercial property is available at reasonable costs
  • The utility rates are highly competitive
  • The city has a well-connected transportation network
  • Local government goes to great lengths to fast track building permits and other business planning permissions and licenses

And, if that’s not enough to make you think twice about where you wish to locate your next venture, how about this:

  • Employers won’t pay corporate taxes
  • Employees don’t pay personal income tax
  • There’s no tax on franchise income
  • There are no gift or estate taxes
  • Inventory taxes are nonexistent
  • And there’s a policy of Business and Property tax abatement

If you are a business that wants to get a head start over its competition, relocating your operations to Sparks may not be such a bad idea after all! The number of incentives you and your workforce will enjoy are unparalleled.

And there’s more good news for intending Sparks corporate and residential citizens.


The unemployment rate for the broader U.S. economy stands at 3.7%[v]. However, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures[vi], at 3.4%, Sparks boasts of a lower unemployment than the national average. This means that prospective employers have a ready source of highly skilled and trained workers, and prospective employees need to look no further than their own city to find gainful employment. It’s all happening right here in Sparks!

The best thing about job opportunities in this booming suburb of Reno, Nevada, is that BLS figures show that openings in almost every sector are growing – Mining and Logging, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation and Trade, Financial sector, Health Care, Education – you name it and there’s work to be found here in Sparks, NV.

The numbers clearly show an economy that’s booming and firing on all cylinders. And that means there’s lots of opportunities for businesses, families and individuals looking to move to the suburb to prosper.

Pass through and transient living

Sparks isn’t just a beacon of opportunity for those planning on establishing firm roots here. While businesses and residents have a lot to gain by moving to Sparks, other groups – like pass through service providers and temporary event hosts – can also benefit from much of what Sparks offers.

Because Sparks is able to attract new businesses and residents to the city, it makes a great place for tourists, travelers and visitors to drop by and enjoy the facilities that local residents and businesses create for them. And if you are an organizer or host of a travelling event – like rotating cultural festivals, food fests and other transient entertainment events, you’ll find local businesses and residents eager to support you during your stay.

And when you come to town to set up your temporary event or show, know that you’ll have the support of local mini storage facilities to house and store your supplies, costumes and tents and banners. Without these services, pass through service providers would be unable to do business here, and Sparks businesses and residents would not be able to benefit from what businesses like yours have to offer them.

Making it happen

Planning on the move from Big City to a suburb like Sparks requires a great deal of local support. The city’s slogan is:

“It’s Happening Here”

But to make the move happen you need partnerships on the ground that you can rely upon. Whether you are moving to Sparks for commercial purposes, or whether the move is for personal/residential purposes – you’ll likely need a place to store your possessions safely and securely during and (possibly!) after the transition.

When setting up roots in a new city or town, it’s always a good idea to stage your move so it becomes manageable. Otherwise, things can sometimes get out of hand. It’s therefore a great idea to first ensure you have a place to secure your business and personal belongings as your move unfolds.

Thankfully, Richard’s Place self-storage is here to do just that and to help make it happen for you.

It’s your BIG move now

Suburb living can offer you exactly what you want. And there’s no better place to relocate than Sparks, this bustling suburb of Reno, Nevada. Don’t believe us – just look at how the area is booming. But that’s not the only telltale sign that Sparks NV is quickly becoming the “go to” suburb in Nevada. There are real signs on the ground that confirm it.

One of the first things that people considering their own BIG move look for is convenient mini storage facilities so they can store their belongings while they get organized in their new place of residence. And lately, bookings for storage facilities in and around Sparks – especially mini self-storage units – have been on the rise.

And while the rise in bookings is a harbinger for better things to come for Sparks, it might not be a very ideal situation for those of you intending to move into this suburb shortly. Why? Because the unavailability of mini storage could put your BIG moving plans on indefinite hold. But that’s where the good news comes in!

Don’t let a “small” thing like unavailable mini storage space spoil your BIG plans. Richard’s Place self-storage has you covered. The recently opened brand new state-of-the-art facility offers would-be Sparks residents plenty of opportunity to make their move a reality. Whether it’s for a few months or a few years – there’s plenty of room to store everything you need to make a fresh start here in this peaceful Reno suburb. And if you decide you need larger space or are considering longer-term rental, we’ve got you covered there too.

So, why not contact us today and get packing. Because there’s so much pent-up demand for mini storage space here in Sparks, it’s time for you to make that BIG move now!


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