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According to an estimate put out by the Self Storage Association (SSAs), nearly 52,000 new storage units were created earlier this year. It seems American’s are hungry for self-storage, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough units to satisfy that demand. Other analysts expect the market for self-storage, also called mini storage, to grow to nearly USD 50 billion by 2024 – that’s a staggering compounded annual growth rate of 134.79% since 2019!

For local residents, a Sparks mini storage rental unit just might be the right solution.  Read on to learn how you could make creative use of such facilities.


Creative space solutions

While they may an option for many, not everyone needs a 10×30-foot storage solution to solve their space-constraint challenges. For one, that might be too much space for Spark NV residents or business owners for something temporary. That’s where smaller Sparks mini storage units can be right for you:

  • Remodeling: Are you renovating your home or business premises? As one room or wing of your residence or shop is being worked upon, what do you do with the possessions and contents that are stored there?

You could try playing the shell game: Move it all into the next room and move it back once that part of the remodeling is done. But then, you need to start all over when renovations for the next room, wing or floor are due. Renting Sparks mini storage space for the duration of the renovation is a creative way to make the work proceed smoothly without interruption. Just store it all away once, and put it back in place – once the work is completed.

  • Staging: Are you planning on putting your home or small business up for sale? The one thing that turns off most prospective buyers is clutter. Sparks mini storage units offer an ideal solution to help sellers deal with the challenge.

Whether it’s a residential or a commercial unit that you are planning to sell, why not house the extra “stuff” in a temporary storage unit until the deal is finalized? Your rooms will look roomier, and home inspectors will have an easier time doing their job.

  • Decluttering: While you could use Sparks mini storage solutions as temporary space-providers, there’s no reason why they can’t be used for extended periods. The low rental costs mean you can take all that extra stuff that gets in the way of stress-free living, and put it out of sight until the time is right to deal with it more permanently.

With a self-managed Sparks mini storage unit, once you’ve decided to dispose off your clutter, you won’t even need to bring it all back to your home or business premises. Simply direct prospective buyers to your storage unit, and you can meet them there for pickup. Most units come equipped with commercial loading docks and freight elevators, which should make final disposal of the decluttered items that much easier.

Size matters

Sparks mini storage spaces are available in multiple sizes, from 3×3 feet, to 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 feet and larger – if needed. By making creative use of your space, you can remodel, stage or declutter with ease. And if you don’t know exactly how much space you need and how to maximize your unit’s potential, Sparks mini storage facility operators typically have knowledgeable staff to lend a helping hand.

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